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The structure of KOMANDOR Sliding Wardrobes is made up of several companies from all over Europe and America which manufacture and supply components for the production of interior furnishings based on the original sliding door system. A leading position in its market has been established thanks to KOMANDOR’s effective network of Authorized Dealers situated across Europe as well as on the global market.

Our company was the first of its kind to introduce and promote complete interior design solutions with sliding door systems. KOMANDOR Sliding Wardrobes created demand for these products and satisfied it by developing the first sales network in the country. As demand continued to increase, our company grew and developed until it finally launched its own production plant, KOMANDOR S.A. in Radom, Poland for supplying its expanding sales network.

To remain a strong leader in its constantly changing and increasingly competitive market, KOMANDOR Sliding Wardrobes continuously invests in the development of its production lines and prefabrication plants. Our factories use the most modern metal cutting and shaping technologies for working with coated and lacquered metal sheeting. In addition, KOMANDOR’s plants also specialize in plastic processing, mounting fitting mechanisms and finishing particle board edges. Our company’s product line is constantly expanding to meet growing market demand and our organization’s innovative efforts keep KOMANDOR Sliding Wardrobes ahead of the competition.

In Poland, KOMANDOR Sliding Wardrobes conquered the sliding door market by creating the largest distribution network in the country consisting of 16 assembly facilities covering the entire country. Each assembly plant’s production activity was designated to one of sixteen provinces in Poland. The distribution network branches off from each assembly plant, which is surrounded by KOMANDOR’s chain of Authorized Dealers who take care of our customers and deal with installation services.

In recent years, our company has expanded its network beyond Poland’s and Europe’s borders. Taking advantage of its experience in the domestic market, KOMANDOR launched assembly plants and warehouses in countries around the globe including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Finland and Germany. As we grow, our export departments continuously search for new potential markets to enter in Europe and abroad.

KOMANDOR was the first company in Europe to create its own modern software program to serve its Sales Representatives as a powerful tool for managing all business activity. The powerful software allows anyone, independent of their location in the world, to accurately and quickly utilize KOMANDOR technology in design and production as well as to perform tasks related to orders and sales. Computer technology was taken advantage of to create, strengthen and duplicate KOMANDOR technology to ultimately bring our company one step closer to its goals. The exact same program is used in every assembly facility and by every employee, which allows orders to be sent by Authorized Dealers and Sales Representatives via Internet. With the software system, furniture orders can be realized quickly and precisely with no possibility of error. Complete control and management of KOMANDOR’s pricing policy is also made simple with the program.

By uniting all procedures involved with design, sending orders, verifying production, assembly and installation, KOMANDOR’s software has proved to be the most advanced of its kind. It allows our company to meet the demands of its customers and to react quickly and efficiently to changes in the market.

The advantages for our customers, that the received products conform to the following:

  • highest quality
  • in accordance with the requirements and expectations
  • strong and durable
  • easy to maintain
  • manufactured in environmentally friendly conditions
  • under a continual improvement process
  • simply better, as our products have been proven on many markets and under different conditions

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