Company history

free consultation of sliding doors and fitted wardrobes

KOMANDOR S.A. was founded in 1992. However, the company’s history started earlier with a market analysis in Central Europe in the mid 1980's confirming a great demand for sliding door systems and wardrobes. The new business's initial primary focus was selling imported products and building a distribution network over Europe of Authorized Dealers and Sales Representatives. The first two years of KOMANDOR’s activity proved successful seizing the Polish market with its network.

The next and biggest step in reaching its goal was taken when KOMANDOR launched its production plant in Radom, Poland in 1994. Fully automated production started using the latest technologies while the plant was also used for developing new products to meet the increasing demands of customers.

Manufacturing its systems with great attention to detail and aesthetics, KOMANDOR has always had the highest standard of design, build and quality, establishing a solid reputation for itself in its market. It uses the most modern production lines in state of the art fabrication plants. The fabrication plant Komandor S.A. is proud to have received ISO 9001:2000 certification on November 21, 2002 which guarantees the quality and reliability of its systems and consequently increases the trust and confidence in its partners and customers.

A fundamental element in KOMANDOR’s success is its very own software system developed by its IT department to assist partners and representatives. The powerful program allows anyone, independent of their location in the world, to accurately and quickly utilize KOMANDOR technology in the design, presentation, production and installation of its products as well as to perform tasks related to orders and sales. The Internet is taken advantage of to rapidly send orders, updates and other information which all comes down to satisfied customers by shortening waiting time for orders.