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free consultation of sliding doors and fitted wardrobes

KOMANDOR’s sliding door systems have become a popular and practical solution in home interior design. Their greatest advantage is that all systems are custom made using our special software package which works with the measurements of the customer’s interior space and personal preferences to provide a tailored solution.

Another attractive feature of our sliding door systems is that, compared to traditional doors, they do not need additional space for their opening and this is why they have proved to be the perfect choice for narrow spaces such as entrance hallways. Yet their application does not end here; sliding doors are a fundamental component in wardrobes, alcoves and bookcases. They have also proved to be an impressive substitute for traditional room dividing doors.
Due to the vast selection of door inserts (imitation wood boards, rattan, loom, bamboo, mirror, glass – in a variety of colors), KOMANDOR’s sliding doors in addition to their practical uses also become an important component in the design of your interior. This choice of inserts makes the possibilities of transforming your home or office endless. Consequently, our products are becoming more and more popular in solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. Another attractive option is the possibility of mixing different types of inserts within doors at different angles. The custom made nature of our products even allows them to be ideally fitted under slanted roofs such as in attics or under flights of stairs.
KOMANDOR’s sliding doors systems are a great addition to any room. From attractive features such as their functionality and saving space to giving your room a one of a kind look, it is easy to see how our systems can add spice to any room. KOMANDOR is where beauty and function converge in your home or office.
To satisfy the growing demands of our customers, we have added many other furniture products to our product line such as beds, desks, cupboards, etc.