Our furniture systems

free consultation of sliding doors and fitted wardrobes

Our products are divided into two main groups:

  1. Steel Systems - profiles are produced from top-grade aluminum strip and shaped on specialized machines. Currently we offer 13 steel profile colors and 3 different profile models: Standard, Lux and Magnetyt.
  1. Aluminum Systems - by the process of casting, profiles are formed in a mould of the desired shape. Aluminum systems allow for roller components to be installed inside profiles which hide bottom rollers and top guides from view. Profiles are designed based on the latest home interior trends and attractive modern designs. KOMANDOR’s line of aluminum systems includes 5 models of profiles in a choice of 10 colors.

Rollers are produced using long-lasting materials and contain a self-lubricating bearing system. Wheels are made from high-grade plastic resistant to wear and tear. KOMANDOR provides a 5 year warranty on the roller system; however, tests have estimated problem free operation for about 15 years.

Rollers are equipped with a height adjustment screw which allows for the elimination of gaps when dealing with uneven floors and walls.
In addition to sliding doors, our choice of systems also includes pivoting doors.

Another attractive feature of our doors is the freedom to mix different colors and types of inserts at virtually all angles within doors. This makes the possible number of patterns limited only by the imagination allowing you to match your doors to your tastes and the ultimate interior design dream.

Buffer strips and glazing strips are indispensable accessories to doors which are glued to profiles. Buffer strips muffle the noise and dampen the impact of doors hitting walls during closing. Glazing strips on the other hand keep out dust and also serve to cover gaps.