Komandor for offices

free consultation of sliding doors and fitted wardrobes

office wardrobe in DublinYears of experience in the worldwide furniture industry have given KOMANDOR the opportunity to expand into office furnishings. A well planned out office environment in terms of interior design with focus on ergonomics and comfort can prove beneficial to staff productivity and motivation.

There is no doubt that an elegantly designed office space will make a good and unforgettable impression on your visitors. KOMANDOR can help you increase the prestige of your company with attractive sliding door systems, modern work desks and other workplace enhancing storage solutions. Whether it is to hide piles of documents,  files and binders from view or to help you with organizing it all, beauty and function converge with our furniture allowing you to focus on your clients and get more work done.

There are 4 series of our office products which differ in terms of style and purpose.

They are: LUNA, TAURUS, LIBRA and SIRUS. To see pictures of our office collection please visit the GALLERY section.

For more information about enhancing your workplace with KOMANDOR office solutions please CONTACT US.