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Komandor sliding systems are constructed in such a way so that they do not require any special care. The suspended bearings grease themselves whilst moving and carefully selected durable materials guarantee failure-free rollers for an almost unlimited time. However, for proper operation of the sliding system it is necessary to remove the dust from the lower track which appears during every-day room utilisation. It is best done while vacuuming. Keeping our wardrobes clean is not difficult. Board panels can be wiped with standard cleaning products. It is important not to spill the liquids directly onto the shelves and take care not to make the board panels too wet, which can lead to board swelling and detaching. A soft cloth and a drop of washing up liquid, or a gentle cleaning substance, is enough to make all the stains disappear. It is not recommended to use products based on wax or to use wire brushes, scouring sponges with rough surface or any corrosive acid based product.  Drawer fronts filled with lacobel glass or mirror should be cleaned with general glass cleaning products. The ideal solution is microfiber cloths which do not require any other cleaning substances to be used. For rattan or bamboo maintenance it is best to use soft bristle brushes and delicate cleaning substances meant specifically for these materials.  

In Komandor authorised stockists you can not buy the whole wardrobe for self-assembly. Only doors or some interior elements are able to be self-assembled. For these products you will not be provided with guarantee card. We do not offer 5-year guarantee for furniture which is not assembled by our authorised fitting crews or dealers. 

Yes. They are all equipped with a special safety solution in the form of safety foil.  In the case of glass breakage, the pieces of glass do not fall to the ground but they create a spider web effect and hold it in place.

We install special stoppers which will make it difficult to easily open the doors. The most effective method is to install a lock, which is available both in aluminium and steel systems. 

The effect of soft and silently closing doors is enabled by soft-closers. This structural element slows down and gently closes the doors. It is designed to prevent trapping of hands and fingers and to limit noise and also wear and tear. The soft closer helps to prevent any damages to the doors and frame. It serves as a stopper when the floor is uneven and improves ease of use.

Komandor sliding doors system has the ability to regulate the door wings which can help even out small curvatures. We can also use special floor trims and strips to do this. When taking the measurements the designers will decide how big the curvature is and offer a solution.

It can be done providing that the wardrobe you have operates on Komandor systems. Our company's offering in door design options has grown considerably. The best way to view our new designs is to visit one of our showrooms.

The minimum width for sliding doors is 40cm. If the measurements show a narrower gap than 40cm we can offer you other solutions such as a pivoting front.

About 10cm from the wardrobe's depth is necessary for the track on which our doors slide. The interior of 50cm is the minimum accepted interior space, which allows for hanging your clothes perpendicularly to the back of your wardrobe (in a classic way). With this depth, depending on the size of the hangers (the spread of their arms) we can hang clothes without the concern of damaging them with the sliding doors. The recommended depth of a wardrobe is 63-65cm. After taking 10cm from the track, there will still be 53-55cm left. If your wardrobe is shallower then we recommend using the crosswise hanger rods installed under the shelves. In this design, hangers are parallel to the back of the wardrobe. 

The door wing height (without dividing elements) filled with milk glass or lacobel is 2500mm (with joiner rails - 2741mm). We can make the mirror up to 2741mm. These restrictions stem from the size of glass panel.

The method of assembly depends on the chosen elements of the wardrobe. For example, side walls, freestanding gables, shelves, floor trims or floor and ceiling bases are joined together with fixing brackets. Whereas wall plugs are used to fix these elements and sliding tracks to the walls and ceiling. Mostly, interior walls are fixed to room walls and shelves are mounted to these walls. 

Upper and lower tracks of sliding wardrobes are installed with screws or glue, depending on the structure of the ceiling and floor. In special cases there is a way of gluing the lower track to the floor with double-sided duct tape which allows for a minimum interference in the floor's surface. 

Floor strip, or floor type C, consists of a minimum of two elements: base (vertical element) and a strip or floor (horizontal element). Its purpose is to make the front height smaller, improving the aesthetics, levelling the unevenness of the surface, and covering the existing central heating pipes - amongst others. Additional purpose is to stop dust from entering a wardrobe's interior. 

For the assembly of your wardrobe’s interior we need to use either fixing brackets or rafixes. A fixing bracket is a triangular, plastic element on which the shelves can be mounted. Its main purpose is to fix the shelves to side walls and the side walls to room walls. They are available in different colours, depending on your wardrobe's interior. These types of brackets are visible when you open your wardrobe. A rafix is a metal pin which serves the same purpose as a fixing bracket but is much more aesthetically pleasing, smaller and therefore less visible which may be important with an open wardrobe.  

Special profiles (door frames) are adapted to different material thickness, both for board panels and for glass. In our doors we use 10mm laminated panel so our doors are not unnecessarily heavy and so as not to put too much weight on our sliding systems. Therefore, our doors are lighter and also easier to slide for everyday use. If we use glass in our doors e.g. mirror, lacobel, metallic or graphic then the material is 4 mm thick.  A wardrobe interior is made of 18mm board because shelves need to be adapted for carrying additional weight. Using thicker board panels might lead to warping of the panels. By special request, we can also create wardrobes interior out of 28mm board.

Unfortunately, suspended doors need to be fitted to a very stable wall or ceiling. The plasterboard installation is too delicate to handle the weight of tracks and doors combined. 

Komandor offers sliding partition doors and sliding suspended doors. Suspended door is the system which enables the user to divide two rooms in the house without the need for assembling a track in the floor. The whole structure is suspended on the upper track fitted to the wall or ceiling. We offer single or double suspended doors, where you can choose two different colours of board panels, 9matching the design of the divided rooms. The maximum width of the doors is up to 1500 mm.

In folding-sliding door system we can create folding doors in a way that each pair can also slide to the side. It is possible to use this system as an entrance to the walk-in room. This system makes the access much easier. The system is a new solution in maximising narrow openings and enabling the full access to the room. It can be used with uneven walls although it is not possible to use this system with slants. 

We recommend folding or pivoting doors either matching the colour of your room so it blends in or choose coloured glass to make a really interesting feature of the space. Such doors work well for bathrooms and hallways. Installing a mirror if the recess is at head height will make it look bigger and hidden away. 

Komandor type wardrobes can be fitted both before and after fitting a parquet floor and floor panels. If parquet floor or panels is laid in the whole room, the wardrobe might be fitted directly to it. This is the recommended solution and one we most often work with. When the floor is uneven or parquet floor is not laid in the place where you are planning your wardrobe, it is important to add a laminated board panel floor. This is done by Komandor fitting crews.

The list of Komandor's authorised agents and Komandor's showrooms is available on our website. You can book a free measurement via our online form. Every authorised Komandor agent should have in his showroom a certificate issued by Komandor S.A and exclusive computer programme for designers called ‘Designer’. 

Currently on the market there are very many Komandor-like products or products trying to imitate our furniture, which can unfortunately mislead potential customers. The first thing that needs to be confirmed is whether the showroom you find is Komandor's authorised agent ( this can be checked via our website).  The quotation you receive is created via our authorised designing software ‘Designer’.  We also recommend that you the shapes of our frames (the miniatures are available on our website). Our fitting crews drive logo branded cars and dress in official Komandor clothes. After the assembly our customer is provided with a guarantee card with our logo and company's stamp, invoice and assembly card to sign. Komandor wardrobes are specially marked with our metal logo on the upper track, which guarantees that the received product is original Komandor product.

Sometimes this can happen. This is because quotations prepared in our showroom are rarely based full and final detailed measurements. Very often clients change the project during the designer's visit and all changes have an impact on the final price. The price you receive in the showroom should be taken as an initial quote, not a final price.

We do not estimate the cost of furniture in metres as we design and prepare quotations on the basis of our software. Every element of our wardrobes has a separate price shown in our ‘Designer’ programme and any changes in price are immediately shown whilst in the process of designing. That is why we can tell you exactly what your price will be. No hidden and unexpected costs are included.

We also sell sliding doors, walk-in closets, suspended sliding wardrobes, folding doors, beds, chest of drawers, desks, bedside tables, special tables, TV-units, kitchen furniture and other fitted furniture for every room.

Absolutely! Komandor can offer you all the furniture for your home. The variety of colours is huge. If it turns out we do not offer the specific colour we will do our best to order it for you. Even if the colour you currently have in your space is no longer available on the market, we will work on the finding the closest match to the one you are looking for or possibly suggest a contrasting colour. Komandor's designers are able to offer colour solutions which will harmonise your home

The time of the fitting depends on the size of your furniture and on how complex the work is that needs to be done in order to finish the installation. In the majority of cases, the fitting crews finish the assembly in one day and, when finished, they always leave your home the way they found it. 

The fitting of Komandor wardrobes is performed by authorised fitting crews with professional equipment who provide the highest quality service.  Our fitters protect the area of assembly with protective coverings. We try to make the fitting as non-intrusive as possible. However, because of the product features, some elements need to be cut on site. 

While planning the design of your item, please take into consideration your personality, the colour pattern, the detail in the design and think about the room in which it will be situated. There is a great variety of materials on offer. It is easy to ‘overdo’ your design.

Absolutely! We introduced our own, very clever, software programme called, Designer. It is used for designing sliding wardrobes and installations in either our showrooms or actually during a visit to the customer’s home. The programme offers you the chance to visualise what your wardrobe during the design process. Designer also gives a very accurate price for your wardrobe, showing a breakdown of each element chosen. When meeting with our designer, you are welcome to change the design and choose different colours, review storage solutions, and raise any concerns there and then. Take an active part in designing your wardrobe! Your complete satisfaction is important to us as we understand that the wardrobe you choose will be with you for years and not only will it be a practical storage space but also part of your home. 

One day before the installation, our Komandor worker will call you and confirm the time of arrival of the fitting team. All the furniture, carpets, paintings and all the objects standing in the place of item’s assembly should be removed. If there are any fitted elements they should be dismantled. Clear away all items such as vases, glass, china etc.  Our fitting teams will help you but it is your responsibility to ensure there your personal belongings are stored safely during the installation process.

Every designer is equipped with material samples, designs and frame colours, board panel samples, glass samples and catalogues with other insert materials and photos, which can serve as an inspiration while designing your wardrobe. You can easily match the colour of your wardrobe with the design of your room or to other furniture in the room. We offer a wide variety of materials- board panel in over 90 colours, natural veneers, eco leather, rattan, bamboo, mirror, glass and coloured glass (lacobel, metallic, sandblasted glass and graphics on glass).

Before you invite a designer into your home to make detailed measurements, please make sure the place for your item is prepared. The space should be empty and with easy access.  It is important that everyone who is involved in making a decision about the purchase is present during the meeting with your designer. There will be the opportunity to discuss fixtures, fitting, colours and other bespoke elements of the piece. Your designers only visit once so make the most of the visit! Please draw an initial plan of what your wardrobe will look like, if you can. Or make a list of the things you would like to store in it. Try to estimate how much hanging space you need. Is this wardrobe only for you or for other family members? Do you need space for an iron and ironing board? Such a list will make the designer's work much easier and will allow him to design the wardrobe according to your needs and expectations.

Spent sufficient time with a Komandor sales specialist? Have you seen the piece you are buying in one of our showrooms?  Ensure you have been given a 3D design of your item and detailed quotation. All furniture comes with a guarantee specific to each piece of furniture. Check what terms and conditions apply to the guarantee. If you have not bought an item by visiting our showroom or meeting a designer, have you measured correctly? Komandor cannot be held responsible for mistakes made by client who has not consulted with our designers.

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