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Furniture with wardrobe-type systems

While the manufacture of built-in furniture and open racks we propose to use constructions assembled with aluminum profiles Komandor Column or Komandor Orto instead of using traditional shelving, made of chipboard...

Modern furniture fashion tends to minimalism

Modern furniture fashion tends to minimalism - in other words, all the excessive details of the construction are removed, and the finish, simplified as much as possible, almost disappears. So, in modern versions of popular wardrobes-compartments, door leaf framing profiles began to disappear. The profile is either completely absent or is made very narrow and so perfectly matches the colour of the sliding doors that becomes practically invisible.


White, black and graphite are popular and established colours that can be found in our range of interior finishes. They are still being sought out by customers as a top choice because they are versatile and sophisticated colours that are easy to mix and match. They are simple, minimalist, modern, always up-to-date, and always result in an elegant, upscale finish.

Mocca accessories

The Komandor Company introduces a new addition to its popular range of storage systems. The Mocca Storage System is Mocca in colour and is designed to offer a wide ranging colour palette to complement most homes. The range offers 10 storage systems all allowing for functionality yet not comprising on design. The systems are based on aluminium frames with adjustable widths and operate on Quadro type runners, each with a soft-close mechanism. Sliders are hidden inside the frames, improving wardrobe aesthetics and acoustics.

Interzum exhibition may

We are proud to have been creating bespoke furniture and storage solutions for 25 years. Last week we visited Cologne, Germany to showcase some of our newest products at the Interzum 2017 exhibit.

Many new friendships have been formed and it was wonderful to see old friends there too! Thank you all for joining us at our stand. The teamwork and commitment of our international crew has made this event one of the best Komandor has ever experienced. We are already looking forward to the next exhibition in Cologne.