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built-in wardrobes

Built-in furniture of Komandor trademark has got many benefits in comparison with trivial cabinet furniture. Attractive features of the “built-in furniture” make them extremely popular and widely used in modern interiors.

  1. A built-in wardrobe often costs less. The lower price of built-in furniture is because of the use of walls and ceiling as structural elements of the construction. The wardrobe-compartment as part of the interior is fitted directly into the room design, while the surfaces of the room, namely one or more walls, can be used as upper or lower parts of the construction. As a result, the cost of materials is reduced up to 30% and the price of the wardrobe is reduced almost to the same amount. So when ordering a built-in wardrobe, you can save a lot.
  2. Perfect adaptation to any complex layouts. Built-in wardrobes-compartments can be perfectly fitted in any non-standard rooms and irregularly shaped openings, not only turning into a harmonious continuation of the room’s interior but also significantly improving the exterior aesthetics of the house. At the same time, such a wardrobe will occupy exactly the place that is allocated to it, without claiming to extra centimeters of usable area.
  3. The ability to hide an unsightly niche in the wall or an uneven corner. A niche or aperture in the wall resulting from improper furniture arrangement is an ideal place for a built-in wardrobe. At the same time, the purpose of the room does not really matter - it can be a luxurious living room, a cozy kitchen, or a children's room. Built-in wardrobes are universal - they can be used for furnishing every room in the house, as well as in the office premises. Such a wardrobe can be mounted in any part of the room and you will get convenient, multifunctional, and very beautiful furniture that will delight the eye and will create the necessary comfort.
  4. Significant space savings due to the close adjustment of the furniture elements to the wall. The built-in wardrobe is adjacent to the room surfaces and occupies a minimum of space, which is especially valuable for small apartments. In addition, due to the lack of gaps between the ceiling, floor, and walls, the wardrobe looks more neat and stylish, creating a single composition with the room interior.
  5. All the cabinet furniture in our company is made according to unique projects, taking into account all the desires and requirements of the customer. Exclusive design, color, materials, and individually chosen internal content allow the furniture to fit perfectly into the interior and emphasize the taste of the owner, satisfying all his needs concerning comfort and aesthetics.

Of course, not all the advantages of built-in wardrobes have been mentioned, just the main ones. By purchasing this beautiful and ergonomic wardrobe at Komandor, you will be able to complement this list with a few more points. In any case, buying a built-in wardrobe always pays off!
You can order the desired built-in wardrobe-compartment just by calling our contact numbers. Our consultants will give you all the information you need and will offer you the optimal design. You will choose the materials from which the furniture for the apartment will be created and accessories you would like to have, while the specialist will take into account the technical features and will consider the ways to reduce the cost in such a way for your furniture to look really great.


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