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Modern furniture fashion tends to minimalism

Modern furniture - wardrobe komandor

Modern furniture fashion tends to minimalism - in other words, all the excessive details of the construction are removed, and the finish, simplified as much as possible, almost disappears. So, in modern versions of popular wardrobes-compartments, door leaf framing profiles began to disappear. The profile is either completely absent or is made very narrow and so perfectly matches the colour of the sliding doors that becomes practically invisible.

Nuances of choosing a wardrobe-compartment: facades with frames and frameless facades.
We, Komandor company, offer our customers wardrobes with all kinds of facades – with a classic frame (in spite of everything, classics remain in fashion!), completely frameless and with narrow frames that are noticeable only upon closer examination.

  • Furniture classics - solid frame facades. Facades enclosed in a metal frame not only look massive, but also weigh significantly. The frame perfectly holds the door leaf, prevents it from sagging, and allows making doors from inserts of different materials, like a mosaic or stained-glass window. At the same time, the door leaf can be arbitrarily heavy - a steel or aluminium frame can easily withstand this weight and allows the door leaf to keep its integrity and geometry.
  • An ultramodern approach – wardrobe-compartment with frameless facades. Without a frame, the doors of the wardrobe – compartment become practically and visually more lightweight. From an aesthetic point of view, such wardrobes-compartments significantly outperform their "frame" counterparts. According to the designers, the frame plays the role of a separator, which very clearly splits the interior into its components. The absence of a frame almost always positively affects the design of the room - the door becomes a natural continuation of the room’s architecture and is perceived as a wall decoration. Thus, the problem of room overloading with furniture is solved, which is especially important for small and tight apartments. However, the owners of large mansions also "tasted" frameless furniture and are actively using it in the interior. Because it’s fashionable and beautiful!
  • A hybrid option - facades with a narrow and inconspicuous frame. If you are afraid to completely abandon the frame (and in some types of wardrobes it is absolutely impossible), then it is worth considering the purchase of a narrow-frame wardrobe-compartment. This furniture is the middle link between the previously considered types. Since the profile width is only 4-5 mm, the frame is almost invisible to the eye. And if it is tinted in the colour of the facade, then it actually merges with the door leaf. The use of a narrow-frame facade in the construction of the wardrobe-compartment allows the use of heavy materials for the door leaf manufacture and at the same time, to absolutely keep the reliability and durability of the system.

It makes no sense to give recommendations on the site about what is better and what is worse. For each interior will be its own, unique “recipe” of cosiness. Therefore, we suggest choosing a wardrobe-compartment taking into account the already existing interior of the house and your own preferences, in order to give the atmosphere even more comfort, convenience and a unique style. We recommend you to consider the best option with our designers in the showrooms.



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