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Komandor wardrobes are installed in modern interiors instead of the bulky wall-units. In this furniture you can put clothes, dishes, books, photo albums, documents, household appliances and other necessities. Besides in the living room you can usually see vases, figurines, decorative trinkets and other items which you would like to show off.

In order to put each thing on its place, you have to think over the design and inside filling of the wardrobe very carefully. There should be the right amount of open and closed shelves, niches, boxes, and other elements in your furniture in order to properly organize space and to store the maximum amount of things. In addition, visually attractive wardrobe can become a good decoration of your room and can make it more comfortable, neat and stylish.

Appearance of the wardrobe facade is also important. When you order the furniture by yourself you can think about the spacious and stylish wardrobe in the full wall length. In this wardrobe you can place several sections for clothing, open shelves for TV, music center, home cinema and aquarium. Rather good decision for the living room can become a cabinet, consisting of only opened shelves.

Wardrobe for the living room should have different sections – closed or opened. Open shelves with the fine tableware, decorative accessories, books, audio and visual facilities, souvenirs brought back from travels or original statues will look very nice. In the closed sections and niches you can store linen, summer clothes, household appliances and other necessary things. In your wardrobe you can store practically everything. In this comfortable piece of furniture you can put your photo albums, blankets, pillows, seasonal items, and documents. Shelving for the living room wardrobe-compartment can be made of clear or frosted glass, and the doors can be opened or deaf - depending on what you are going to store in this section of the cabinet. If you are going to put books, pictures, statues and beautiful dishes in a section, it will be better to choose a door made of glass. Shelves in this case are made of chipboard furniture, with the thickness of 20 mm and above in order to made the structure stable. Often, in order to give individual character and originality to the furniture satin glass facades or stylish stained glass inserts are used.Usually there are too many facilities in the living room - stereo, DVD - player, home cinema, television. So you practically can’t do without the open sections where you can put all these things.

Komandor designers decorate the open sections with the built in lamps which effectively complements the expressive appearance of the wardrobe.Wardrobes - compartments for the living room, in spite of their spaciousness are rather compact. Due to it you will free a lot of space. With the appropriately chosen wardrobe-compartment your living room can change for the best and the right atmosphere will appear in it. Concise and effective wardrobe with the elegant facade should express interests, the unique character and good taste of the owners. Sliding facade will effectively save the space in the guest room and it becomes harmonious addition to the interior, making it more expressive and impressing the guests coming into your house. Komandor pays great attention to the wardrobe-compartment façade design. In order to make your furniture look interesting the facade is decorated by the various combined materials such as glass, rattan, leather, bamboo, mirrors. Luxurious appearance will have mirrored and glass facades, decorated by the art drawings and sandblasting. One more stylish solution is the application in the facade design of photopolymer or fusing. Due to these modern design techniques your wardrobe will change into a unique and stylish piece of furniture which will organically fit your home interior.


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