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Pivoting doors

Pivoting doors

An alternative to sliding door; classical pivoting, hinged doors are designed to fit in recesses, kitchens and onto free-standing furniture. The maximum width of a wing door is 600mm. For their pivoting and sliding doors, Komandor use the same profiles and insert materials. Therefore both types can be easily fitted into one piece of furniture or we can use characteristic profiles to fit into different pieces of Komandor furniture.

swinging door
Pivoting fronts are available in the systems and frame shapes presented below.


Lux ST 10– A very popular steel system with broad edges and regular shapes. Smooth surface and slight grooves in the central part of the profile makes it very easy to use. The regular shape of this profile makes the wardrobe appear light and roomy. A wood effect frame and board panel gives the wardrobe the impression of a traditional solid piece of furniture. The Lux steel system allows you to match different inserts in one door wing, which is why it can be used in many different rooms: hallways, living rooms, children's room, attics, bathroom and bedroom. It is available in 13 different colours. 


A simple, popular system used by Komandor customers over many years.  Of all the systems we offer, the Standard has the largest door height measurements.

  • max. door height: 2750mm
  • max. door width: 1200mm
  • Insert type: 4mm (glass), 10mm (board panel).


Onyx is a combination of two geometrical shapes of simple and regular form, slightly rounded to form a delicate line. Its special look is achieved by sharp edges and can be easily matched with any modern designs, creating a visual impact in every space. Used in wardrobes it helps create a symmetrical and tapered effect at the top of the piece and can easily be used in any wardrobe or partition wall.


Lazuryt ST 25 - a profile with a delicate, subtle and slender shape. The slender line, subtle roundness of the edges, and the clarity of form and perfect composition of this shape make Lazuryt an aristocrat among profiles of a similar type.


Art. Deco - a classic reflection of ArtDeco epoch. It became an inspiration for constructors and designers, who have recently revisited the idea of geometrically styled products for their elegance. Aluminium usage and the choice of different colours underline the original shape and personality of this profile. Wardrobes with an ArtDeco profile look clean, modern yet remarkably elegant.


Agat ST 25 -Antique in its style, this profile is simple yet striking in its design. A combination of plain geometrical shapes of classical, simple and regular form with modern, expressive and meaningful design allows this profile to make wardrobes look lighter without taking away from their natural shape and style. The important feature of AGAT is its symmetry, which means an identical look from both sides.


Sahara – A thin aluminium profile, available in two shapes Sahara 1 and Sahara 2, and two colours: anode natural and anode champagne. Its subtle and simple form creates a light frame for door inserts. With Sahara, you can create the doors both from laminated panel and from glass or as a combination of the two.


Topaz AL 21 – Aluminium profile in natural anode with a simple classical shape suitable for lower level doors and modules, or kitchen furniture. A new composition of upper and lower guides is characterised by its smaller size but good durability, as well as quiet sliding elements. The recommended height of the Topaz system is 200mm to 1000 mm. In this system you can create the doors with glass and laminate panel inserts. The advantage of this system is that these doors can be offered in both pivoting and sliding systems.

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