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For flats with narrow hallways and corridors we recommend sliding doors as the ultimate space saver. To add to this, a system of under-ceiling storage maximizes the storage space without spoiling the look of the room.

If you are not a fan of sliding doors, there is a solution which gives a similar effect - a folding door or folding-sliding door system. This system gives you a full access to the wardrobe's interior and, therefore, flexibility in designing an entire space.

Hall furniture komandor

Large interiors mean more choice. We make wardrobes in different sizes, compositions, and the option of two separate modules: walk-in and storage. As additional pieces of furniture to your hallway we suggest a matching chest of drawers.
Sometimes in the hallways there are such small recesses which can be closed with neither sliding nor folding doors. In such instances it is worth testing pivoting fronts with one wing. They can help to create a 'nook' in which to store shoes and boxes along with small seasonal pieces of clothing, hats, caps and scarves.

Irregular recesses in hallways are ideal for handy walk-ins. To separate such a room, it is enough to close it with single suspended doors which do not have a lower track. An alternative solution is partition walls matching the rest of furniture in the room.
A slanted door system is a practical solution where slanted recesses under the stairs can be hidden away .

While choosing the materials necessary to finish a hall wardrobe you should take into consideration the size of the room and the light. In narrow and long hallways glass wardrobes are better solution because of the reflection they offer which creates the appearance of more space.
By the same principle, it's best to brighten up narrow hallways to make them visually bigger. With this purpose in mind, lacobel and graphic glass as well as mirrors can be used. They are not only practical but also visually stunning and you can bespoke their design.
Doors with board panels in rattan or bamboo are a more traditional choice. If the corridor is short, these doors make it visibly longer. We can also add one or two horizontal strips which will also make fronts visually more attractive and the corridor more interesting.
A column system is perfect for both big and small corridor because we can divide two separate zones. The first is where we can put clothes and shoes worn every day. The second is for storing the rest of your clothes and those of guests.

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