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The newest Komandor system with new innovatory closing and opening doors system - 'Comfort Touch'. This very modern no-frame look creates numerous possibilities in room design. 

Revolution in design!

  • no visible frames and handles
  • invisible sliding system mechanisms
  • innovative, invisible system of opening the doors through pushing 
  • soft closing mechanism with Comfort Touch spring


  • max.door height: 2750mm
  • max.door width: 1300mm
  • suitable for inserts: 4mm (glass), 10mm (board panel)

heliodor komandor

Revolutionary spring Comfort Touch!

Comfort Touch is the newest product on the market- which can be called 'full closer'. Not only is it responsible for closing the doors but it also helps to open them. It is enough to slightly touch it with your finger or hand and they will automatically move 2cm from the edge.

This newest patent solution is used for the frameless HELIODOR system and other Komandor systems with thin aluminium frames. 

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