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Suspended doors

Suspended doors

Komandor offers a wide range of suspended doors, which are not only practical but also stylish. The suspended door system is an ideal solution if you want to divide two independent rooms and at the same time be able to move between them. Suspended doors in this case serve as a partition doors which allow for flexible space organisation- making it smaller or bigger depending on your need.

hanging doors Suspended doors are produced in a wide variety of colours and insert materials.

They are available in single or double systems.

Single system - Wide and light with one insert material to choose on one side only.
Double system - Allows for more flexible design solutions with double inserts. In this system the doors can be1500 mm wide. The anodised profile is a universal colour that can match to every room interior.

Double suspended

Aluminium, classic profile, adapted to be used in one wing with insert material on both sides. The aesthetic handle as part of the system makes it easier to open the doors.

Single suspended system

Easy, slender in shape, aluminium anode natural profile with only one insert material for one door wing. Because the insert material is visible from both sides it is best to use glass or laminated panel.

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