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Komandor’s stylish and exclusive wardrobe compartments for the living room Home

The living room is a place where all the members of the house gather together, where you entertain guests, thus the furniture of the living room must be comfortable, convenient and pleasant to the eye. It is important to have a minimum of furniture, but at the same time it is good when everything is in their place and the room looks neat and aesthetically pleasant. Bulky cabinets can spoil the interior of the living room by taking up to much space. Therefore, for the living room we do recommend comfortable and functional wardrobes-compartments provided by Komandor.

Komandor’s wardrobe compartment’s for children’s rooms

Furniture in the children’s room should completely meet the children’s needs. Furniture of the room should be chosen very carefully and great attention should be paid to the absence of traumatic elements in furniture design, and to the environmental friendly materials from which the furniture for children will be produced. In this case, the built-in wardrobes-compartments become the most appropriate variants for the children’s room furnishing. After all, sliding door minimizes the possibility of hitting on it.

Practical, reliable, spacious and attractive wardrobe-compartment’s

These functional pieces of furniture are appropriate for the bedroom living room, kitchen, hallway, or children’s room. In the bedroom Komandor wardrobe is an ideal dress cabinet, and if desired, it can look like a real dressing room, where everything has its own place on the shelf, rack, in a drawer or in a basket.