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Barcelona exhibition

Recently KOMANDOR has been focusing on establishing a presence in Spain and bringing our brand to the Spanish market, specialising in bespoke furniture, interior design and reconstruction. Our Team was excited to participate in CONSTRUMAT 2017 that took place in Fira, Barcelona in 23 - 26 May 2017.

25th anniversary

Komandor is celebrating 25 years of designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture systems for our customers across the globe. Take a look at our vlog to see where those 25 years have taken us. Let us know what you think. 


Types of wardrobes - compartments

Wardrobes can be built in and you can save a lot of money. Built-in cabinet allows you to do it. Its design enables you to use the building constructions, such as floor, walls, ceiling as top, side, bottom and back walls. The shape and size of the cabinet should meet the parameters of the place where the cabinet will be installed. Mounting of the main components to the ceiling, walls and floor must be rigid.

Stylish interior: effective and functional wardrobe-compartment

Komandor wardrobes are installed in modern interiors instead of the bulky wall-units. In this furniture you can put clothes, dishes, books, photo albums, documents, household appliances and other necessities. Besides in the living room you can usually see vases, figurines, decorative trinkets and other items which you would like to show off.

Wardrobes-compartments as a revolutionary phenomenon

Wardrobes - compartments appeared on the market at the end of the last century. The fact of appearance of such a comfortable and modern technology on the market caused an outburst of the positive emotions among the potential customers. Ordinary citizens who were going to make their homes more comfortable rushed to buy such a wonderful piece of furniture.

Our little secrets’, on how to eliminate the mess in the entrance hall

You step on the threshold of the house and what is the visitor is going to see at the moment of entering your house? Usually, it will be an entrance hall of your home looking at which the guest can evaluate the nature, tastes and even social status of the owner. So, even if you are really busy, you should keep everything, even the interior of your hall clean and in an appropriate order. And you should start the process of care, about your hall and things in it at the stage of choosing your furniture.